6 thoughts on “Perry Mason (2020-): Chapter Twelve

  1. The classes are so perfectly represented. I love Marion’s frocks – just right for a secretary who’s clearly going to make her mark.

    1. Remember the grocer? They made enough $$$ with his expansion contracts to pay for the trial.

  2. RE: Anita’s replica Auburn Boattail Speedster, one can see the REAL THING at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana. There are at least five Boattails there — I would have picked the Cigarette colored one (Cigarette is the 1930s name for cream colored) with red leather upholstery for Anita. Set in a fabulous Art Deco building (the Auburn Car Showroom from the 1930s), it is beautiful, and the happiest museum I have ever been in. It has volunteers who dust the cars several times a day; one told me, I love my work. It has Frank Lloyd Wright’s front wheel drive Cord from the 1950s (he never paid his bill, so they got it back). See fabulous pictures — https://automobilemuseum.org/. Yeah, it’s Indiana, but Auburn is a museum town with the attendant culture (brew pubs, coffee shops, etc.).

  3. I would wear everything Della has worn on this show, especially her work outfits. They’re just so timeless and chic and crisp.

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