12 thoughts on “TBT: Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

  1. Now I need to go check where this is streaming, becuase I have’t seen this movie in way too long! Thank you for a great stroll down memory lane.

    1. Ditto! This movie came out when I was a child, and I only gave it a cursory viewing. I remember it being quirky and a bit creepy. When it toured near me, I passed on seeing the musical. Your post just gave me a nudge to put this one on my list! Thanks!

      Also, the very last pic (of the girl group) made me think of Dreamgirls. I don’t know if it’s their poses or dresses. Maybe the dresses are making me think of this pic?? https://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/641880/dreamgirls/#overview

      And finally, Rick Moranis looks absolutely adorable!! Great post!!

    1. Ditto. The first photo of a “real” girl group is The Supremes, not The Ronettes.

  2. I love this movie. Levi Stubbs should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work as Audrey II. There was going to be a remake of it but COVID stopped it. :( [I wonder if Frank Oz would have had a cameo in it, since he directed the first version of it.]

    1. A remake? What for? Why do they always remake films that don’t need to be remade?

  3. I have to say that I love the film to bits and I think that Ellen Greene is probably my ultimate Audrey; very, very closely seconded by the wonderful Sheridan Smith (Fanny Brice of the London Production of Funny Girl) in the Menier Chocolate Factory’s production in London… which was outstanding. I adore the female costumes from this film – especially the over the top 1950’s ‘dream sequence’ costumes on Audrey. Her leopard print wiggle dress is also so iconic! In regards to the ending of the film, hummmmm. I really felt cheated by the change as I adore and much prefer the dramatic, dark pathos of the stage musical’s ending. The film sort of felt that it just copped out, sadly and it just felt a little flat; but ho-hum, that’s producers for you.

  4. I think the ending was changed not because the producers insisted, but the test audiences did. I think Frank Oz was like “Whoa! We need to change that!”

  5. I love the Butterick ‘60s “wiggle” dress pattern you posted. So good!
    In case anyone is interested… I used to use a Butterick “Fitting Shell” pattern when drafting patterns all the time. Do they still sell them? They came in specific dress sizes, not just S, M, and L. Hey, it’s got a good generic neck curve, shoulder slope and armseye to get you started. But it’s really a typical 60s sheath with the ubiquitous ‘60s side boob dart, and back shoulder dart and front and back waist darts with a straight skirt darted into the waist seam. When making several designs for “Dream Girls” I used it like crazy. I’d eliminate the waist seam, change the neckline and lengthen the skirt to the floor for some designs but also used it straight up. I’ve even used the bodice pattern to do an 1860s pattern!… eliminate the side boob dart and worked out the double under bust darts you always see in the 1860s, pushed the shoulder seam back to make a French shoulder and used the back dart to split the back into CB and SB pieces. (I found the CB seam on the pattern is a little long) Anyway, it’s kinda handy! Especially if you’re in a hurry or only have like bust, waist, hips measurements.

    1. Good news! Butterick still makes the Fitting Shell pattern; it’s B6849. You can buy either a paper pattern or a PDF. :)

  6. My mother saw the production in London in the 80’s. At the end of the show, Audrey II seedlings rain down into the audience. She thought that was fabulous.

  7. Having been introduced to the film before the musical, I have no issues with the film’s ending. The closing shot certainly lends itself to the notion that the ending events of the musical might still happen, just after the film’s over. I love the musical ending, too, especially in seeing how creative a given production gets.

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