6 thoughts on “Glamour: Famous Gowns of the Silver Screen Exhibit, Part 3

  1. Thank you so much for this series. It’s been an eye opener. You’ve obviously put such a lot of work and thought and research into it. The costumes are stunning and your descriptions and analysis have taught me a lot. I just wish I could have seen it all for myself, Lucky you to have been there.

  2. This series of posts is one of the finest things this blog has done (and that’s saying a LOT)!

    I can’t get over the wealth of detail and information captured in these images– they’re almost tactile.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Maija!! BRAVA!!!

    1. I agree–thank you so much for this. What a wonderful, thoughtful, interesting and more-happy-words series of posts.

  3. Who wore that exquisite black dress from The Innocent? I don’t remember much of the costumes but the tragic story and the nudes there was quite a few As gay man Visconti got some taste for that if he at least used that to give the public a better look at Giannini kkkkkkkk now stopping the kidding wanna Now if Once upon time In America is worth watching even if only for the costumes i tried it once but couldn’t get past De Niro rapeing Poor Mcgovern

  4. I just discovered this fantastic website. Such a rabbit hole to Wonderland! Thank you for this series on this exhibition and the wonderful close-ups of the details.

  5. Very interesting series, thanks to Maija Hallikas-Manninen.
    P.S. the name of the italian actress Mangano, is Silvana.

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