11 thoughts on “WCW: Catherine Deneuve

  1. Did you miss her in “8 women”, original title “8 femmes” where she’s plays Gaby, the victim’s wife, and she sing “Toi jamais”

  2. Ok, first off, J’ADORE the Francophile leaning posts here recently!! And, BIEN SUR, J’ADORE Catherine Deneuve. What a beauty! What an actress! What a person! I have to go with Indochine!!! I mean….it’s Indochine!! And I want to see ALL of these other films. Catherine Deneuve looks gorgeous in ANY era!!! Merci for this WCW!! A tres excellent choice!!

    And, I know that this post is a celebration of Catherine Deneuve, but I must acknowledge the absolute HOTNESS that Omar Sharif is serving in that very first picture. (And Giancarlo Giannini is looking like a snack–as always–in the pic from The Murri Affair! Molto, molto bene!)

  3. Aw thanks, love all her roles! Did you know that she’s cousins with Jeannot Szwarc, director of “Somewhere in Time” and other films.

  4. She is a beautiful woman who has aged beautifully. I’m sure she had a little adjustment here or there, but she’s still gorgeous and recognizable and looks like herself.

  5. OMG, The Hunger! My little head exploded from watching that movie. Guess I know what I’m watching this weekend… :)

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