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  1. Gosh, I had such a crush on him! You can kind of tell that he cared more about bridge than about acting. He’s been in great movies, and he’s been in really awful ones. But they all pay the rent.

    1. My neighbors in the 80s, a pair of elderly sisters, were locally famous because they once played bridge with him. :)

  2. Ah, Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago are classics.. regardless of the costume issues in the latter. :-) I always like him. There’s a warmth about him. I’d like to see that movie about the Armenian immigrant family–sounds interesting.

  3. Growing up, I’d only seen him in Funny Girl. I’ve since been able to see him in some other films, but Funny Girl definitely tops the list. I’d also like to say that he looks younger with a beard.

  4. Damn he was gorgeous. Aged well too. Lawrence of Arabia is of course chick full of man candy of which Sharif is one of the most delicious. And one could totally understand how a woman night prefer death to losing his Crown Prince Rudolph in Mayerling.

  5. Of the above movies, I’ve only seen The 13th Warrior. I don’t remember his role at all.

  6. The resemblance to Orlando Bloom is in everything but the eyes. Omar Sharif had such soulful eyes. He will always be Sherif Ali to me. “You are angry, English!”

  7. For his classic roles, for me it’s a tie between Funny Girl and Doctor Zhivago. My mom was in love with Omar Sharif. So, those two films were on replay throughout my childhood, though I was too young to follow the plot and I haven’t revisited them in my adulthood. Of his later works, I really liked Hidalgo because it had that old-fashioned adventure-movie type vibe, and Sharif was a darling in it. Regarding the resemblance between him and Orlando Bloom: Yes, I kinda see it. To me, in the picture of Omar and Sophia Loren, I think he looks more like the actor Elyes Gabel (I had to look up his name on IMDB) who had small roles in the first seasons of The Borgias (Prince Djem) and Game of Thrones (Rakharo). Either way, he was a great choice for MCM!!

    1. In the picture with him and Sophia Loren, I think he also looks like Pablo Pascal as Oberon Martell on Game of Thrones

        1. This!^ Sophia Loren was so incandescently beautiful it’s a miracle that she could even be captured on camera.

  8. Sheriff Ali (as played by Omar Sharif) voted sheikh most women would love to carry them off into the desert!

  9. He’s great in “Monsieur Ibrahim,” a French film set in the 60s.
    He’s also in the ‘50s set “Mrs ‘Arris Goes to Paris,” in which Angela Lansbury plays a cleaning woman who fights to buy a Dior gown. I remember watching it as a kid, probably because my family loved “Murder, She Wrote,” and I found it on YouTube a couple years ago.

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