6 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: She’s Had a Baby!

  1. I’ve been handsewing 1780s caps recentlyc and it’s fun seeing the variations on style. It’s also tempting me to try sewing an over the top lappet style, but that’s quite a bit of work…

  2. Oh Kendra,how we love thee for thy Duchess endeavours!
    I swear I spot an eerily similar floral striped fabric(the one for Georgiana’s genuinely gorgeous pet en lair)on a costuming blog,but I cannot figure it out from the abysm of my memory.Brocaded silks are so beautiful,but the cost of the genuine brocades is too much even for big budget productions.Imitations don’t read well on screen because of a certain artificial sheen.

  3. Kendra, after looking at it for a while, I’m wondering if the leaf trim on Georgianas hat might be beaded–if so, adds a whole new category of trims for me to be on the lookout for. Wondering if it might be a bit heavy to support, though? (I have baby fine hair and no matter what I do, it eventually falls) Lovely trim applied nicely, though.

  4. Wow, your very detailed post has reminded me just how sumptuous the costumes were in this film, which I’ve only seen once. After seeing this film I was more upset by the maltreatment of Kiera Knightley’s character by Ralph Fiennes than I was taken in by the look of it. I think the prettiest costume in this post is the final one. And the painting of The Chocolate Girl is exquisite.

    Also, the number of different bonnets styles and head-coverings is mind-boggling!

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