6 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Chemise à la Reine

  1. It seems like Georgiana’s gown looks sort of like a robe ala anglaise with pleats that are sewn in kind of a fan shape at the back.

  2. I have a question concerning the cleavage of Bess. Bess or Glenn close in DL (though in completely different outfits) are all boobs out: is this historically accurate for 18th century to have the breasts so squeezed they look they are about to come out of the stays ? it doesn’t really show on historical portraits…

    1. Generally, no, although most films/TV and reenactors/costumers do (hell, I know I do!). The idea in the period was to sort of squish the boobs down and in, making things the silhouette more smoothly shaped and rounded but not bulging.

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