3 thoughts on “Maurizio Millenotti: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. Thank you Kendra, this cleanses the soul after that scare about the Spanish Princess yesterday(!)

    I’ve noticed that the Italian (and for that matter French) costume designers seem to take historical accuracy and quality very seriously compared to their Anglo-American counterparts. It’s one of the reasons I can sit through even the most long-winded Visconti films as they are so nice to look at for the costumes…

  2. “Arabian Nights” is a costume ROMP, well worth your time, and most of it is pretty darn accurate (although Morgana’s dance is a little interpretative (when you have sleeves that wide and loose, you don’t dance with your arms up). The wedding dress in “Tristan and Isolde” was made for “Arabian Nights”, it’s SO pretty.

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