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  1. I first saw her in an English production of a Ruth Rendell mystery. She played a cool-y calculating beauty opposite a hapless woman. She was mesmerizing.
    On the subject of that Klimt movie: the sets and costumes are brilliant, and the fellow who plays Schiele makes the young artist instantly recognizable using the same mannerisms as in his paintings. There are other important figures from the Vienna Secession in the movie as well, and it’s fun to pick them out. The movie itself is poor, moves slowly, matched only by Malkovich’s completely languorous, boring, characterless portrayal of Klimt. Talk about phoning it in! I found the videotape at a tag sale.

    1. Thanks! I figured Klimt wasn’t very good since I’d never really heard about it, but I do want to see the costumes someday.

  2. I remember watching The Seventh Stream, and liking it. They hinted at the fact that her character may or may not have been a Selkie, mythical creatures that are seals in the water and humans on land. :)

  3. The thing on her head looks a bit like a Thai crown. But why she’s wearing it is anybody’s guess!

  4. I don’t think I ever realized it was her in Circle of Friends, but it’s been ages since I saw it. Love so many of these roles she’s done.

    1. her character in Circle of Friends makes me seethe. Seethe, I said. SEETHE, even if she was glamorous and charismatic as fuck.

  5. Oh God, do I remember Saffron Burrows? I LOVE her! She’s one of those women who is so gorgeous that I question why I even exist. Beyond envy, she’s a good actress, and I always enjoy her performances. She’s in one of my all-time FAVORITE romantic comedies, The Matchmaker, from the mid ’90s. It’s not a FrockFlick, but it’s criminally underseen and underrated. And I also liked her in what I’ve seen of the contemporary Amazon Prime show Mozart in the Jungle. As for her FrockFlicks, I really enjoyed Enigma. Troy was a travesty, but she was excellent as Andromache and Eric Bana as Hector–GOOD LORD!! It’s been forever since I saw Frida, but I think her character was a lesbian dalliance for Frida…maybe? Open question to anyone who’s seen her version of Miss Julie: Was it any better than the Colin Farrell / Jessica Chastain version? That one was so boring I couldn’t even last 10 minutes!

    1. I’ll have to check out The Matchmaker! I didn’t see the recent Miss Julie, but yes, the Saffron Burrows one was decently engaging.

  6. Forgot to add that I would love to see Saffron Burrows and Natasha McElhone star as sisters in some project, especially a Frock Flick.

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