6 thoughts on “Costume Designer Pierre-Jean Larroque: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. Oh! That solves a mystery for me – I saw a time travel film when I was on a French exchange trip in 2012 and have been trying to remember what it was ever since. Thank you!

  2. What a lot of great films! Such great actors in beautiful clothes – except that stupid Musketeer-TV-production. It’s remarkable that many of the films like “L’Anglaise et le Duc” and “Lady J” and “La romance de Astree et Celadon” are very intilligent too.

    It’s great to get another view on such a great artist!

  3. Fabulous absolutely fabulous the guy’s work is incredible 5 more to my watchlist 😅

  4. Nothing wrong with the brick-red Napoleonic hussar uniform – except the cutting of it. You can see that the tailor didn’t really know how or where to set in the sleeves, so the extra fabric sticks out.

  5. Nice write up Kendra, I am going to need to find a few of these since this costume designer is really talented. That lace number in the first photo made my heart stop!

    Regarding round up in Paris of jews, you simply must read and/or watch Sarah’s Key. A haunting story and both versions are very well done and it stars Kristen Scott-Thomas. I highly recommend it. The book (2006) naturally goes into much more detail than the 2010 film about that very shameful time period. In fact, there are quite a number of French who never new about this story as it was covered up – at least that’s the books perspective.

  6. Oh God, excellent and detailed work, as usual. But can I say that I’m just living for this line, “This appears to have had no budget, so I’ll try to forget it existed.” LOVE!!

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