8 thoughts on “WCW: Geraldine Somerville

  1. I just love her. She’s so gorgeous.

    Aristocrats would definitely be my favorite.

    I just watched Christopher Robin and didn’t recognize her. She’s just the hostess at a party after WWI near the beginning.

  2. She was also in a Catherine Cookson adaptation of ‘The Black Velvet Gown’ set in the 1830s I think… before she was even in Poirot … love her x

  3. Definitely “Aristocrats,” especially when she and her Irish-lord fiance are playing footsy under the table. And when she ups and marries her children’s tutor.

  4. Loved The Aristocrats. You know how a lot of movies can be evoked by a single line? (I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You had me at Hello. Etc.) In my head, Aristocrats is summed up by Geraldine lamenting about candles for her boytoy. “Wax, or tallow?”

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