9 thoughts on “Iconic Frock Flicks of the 1990s, Part 4

  1. TV is Wives and Daughters. Movie is a bit harder. Ever After is one but so is Shakespeare in Love for Dame Judi’s Elizabeth I costumes alone. Then Sleepy Hollow and Elizabeth. And wasn’t Priscilla Queen of the Desert a 1990s flick?

  2. Ever After is one of my favourite movies – one I put on to play while I am sewing and not really pay attention to it. SO much of it is just cringing and inaccurate (loving how Leonardo rolled up hte Mona Lisa when it is painted on a piece of wood) but it has a great heart.

  3. At the end of Ever After, the stepmother and stepsister fall into a bluey purple dye vat. The period method of extracting indigo is with aged urine. And that is your fun Ever After fact for the day.

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