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  1. Haven’t seen any of those, but your frock coat is gorgeous ( plus I recognise that brocade from somewhere)

    1. Thank you! The damask pattern (in different color ways) actually shows up a bunch in period films. I should post about all the times I’ve seen it used in a costume, now that I think about it.

      I lucked out and got about 7 meters of it in 2005, when I was studying in London. My friend Bess took me to a shop in Colchester that sold drapery and uphulstry off-cuts and remnants and there was a pile of this stuff just sitting there for something like £20/m. Maybe less. I didn’t ask questions, I just handed over my credit card and bought every bit I could see. It’s a silk/cotton blend.

      Which is to say, I’ve never seen it anywhere else in the wild. Only on screen in costume Flicks!

  2. If you want more Sand/Chopin drama, I can steer you toward “La note Bleue” with Marie France Pisier as Georges.
    Beware, it’s an Andrzej Zulawski film, so the actors are screaming, Georges daughter (Sophie Marceau) is a bit of a nympho… And did I say everybody is screaming all the time?

    Aspirin advised, but it’s Georges all right.

    1. LOL! Thanks for the rec. I was a little put off by the level of DRAMATM in “Chopin: Desire for Love”, along with the HEAVILY IMPLIED romantic relationship/affair between Chopin and George’s daughter, Solange. But then again, everything that is known about George’s life tends to support the fact that she was a walking drama magnet.

        1. Dude. There’s no way in hell I could survive it sober, if the stuff I’ve read about it is in any way accurate.

          Maybe we can get someone else to fall on that grenade for us?

          1. Litzomania is the only film I have ever walked out on in my entire life. (We were in high school so we were too young to drink…it would have definitely helped.) We had been dropped off at the movie theatre by one of our moms and spent the time until she was scheduled to pick us up in the ladies restroom. Even Roger Daltrey’s good looks (one of us had a mad crush on him, as I recall) couldn’t make that movie watchable! Do not attempt a viewing without copious amounts of drink and an escape route.

  3. I’ve only seen Impromptu as Judy Davis is one of my favourite actresses. She’s right up there with Meryl, Helena, Francesca, Susan Hampshire, Emma Thompson, Dames Judi, Helen Maggie.

    I really enjoyed Impromptu for several reasons, one, if I correctly remember, there’s no big deal with George in men’s attire. It’s like ‘that’s the writer George Sand. Her attire IS NOT what makes her eccentric.’

  4. I can remember watching “Notorious Woman” on PBS years ago. That was my first exposure to George Sand. I adore her style and the way she lived her life.

    A few years ago I purchased the journal she wrote specifically to be published after her death, “Impressions and Reminiscences”, 1876. She writes about a variety of topics that had meaning for her, such as Self, environmental issues, societal issues, love, spiritual belief, etc.

    I have a list of people I would like to have met for a cup of coffee or a drink. She is high on the list.

    A recent fiction centered on her life by Elizabeth Berg, “The Dream Lover: A Novel of George Sand”, is a really good read.

  5. Thanks for this article! I loved Impromptu when I saw it a long time ago and it is one of my all-time favorite movies. I didn’t know there were other movies with George Sand in it. I’ll have to look into those. BTW, you were fantastic as George Sand at Dickens Fair.

  6. 3 things : 1 Loved it very much George is one of my favorite historical women and authors Lélia is wonderful
    2 you missed some like Lélia (1968) a two part biography of her with her novel’s name and George Sand (1981) an Italian 4 part miniseries about her as well
    3 If you find Notorious Woman please tell me!!! I would love to see that I love Rosemary Harris Acting and she even received an Emmy for this plus it looks like it has gorgeous costumes and she looks pretty like her daughter Jennifer Elhe in these would love to watch it

  7. PLEASE email me with the movies! (i already have impromptu)
    liszt is my husband but chopin is my lover and i relate to george MORE THAN I SHOULD
    my page on fb is LadyGabes if youre interested in my shitty art

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