9 thoughts on “WCW: Angela Bassett

    1. Some people are just aging so well. You can tell, she‘ll look great in 30 years from now: face, body, attitude. All so fine.

  1. That scene of Tina letting loose in a club for the first time is one of my very favorites. In fact, the whole movie is much better than most entertainer bio-pics. (Good costumes, too, but that goes without saying where T.T. is concerned.)

    1. This! And when her sister’s jaw literally drops. That’s an iconic moment for sure.

  2. Favourite is tied between Malcolm X, Betty & Coretta, and What’s Love… But She makes an awesome Wakandan Queen.

  3. Those last shots from American Horror Story: Freakshow were set in Florida in the 1959s. Angela’s character was in the freak show because she had 3 breasts (!) but she was beautifully dressed. Frances McDormand as a crazy socialite also had some gorgeous period looks.

  4. Oh…without a doubt, my fave of her historical roles is as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It. And, how have I NEVER heard of Betty and Coretta?!?! Angela Bassett is STUNNINGLY beautiful!!!! Even if a costume designer dressed her in a burlap sack, she’d make that look good, too!!

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