3 thoughts on “Top 5 Costume Designers Who Haven’t Won an Oscar Yet

  1. Hell yes to Piero Tosi included here.

    Not only for the historical accuracy, but for the sense of elegance that he manage to infuse all of the costumes in his collaborations with Visconti, and the fact that he understood perfectly Visconti’s vision. I personally adore the costumes of “Death in Venice”, even if they might not be as spectacular as the ones in “The Leopard”, as it’s mostly men, in the 1910’s and the palette is mostly whites. But man, they are gorgeous.
    And now I have a mighty need to rewatch the movie

  2. The cool thing is these designers that you mention have been honored with their country’s own equivalent of an Oscar, Maurizio Millenotti and Piero Tosi have both won David di Donatellos, Janet Patterson has won an AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award, and Catherine Leterrier has won the Cesar award so thankfully these folks are not without trophies.

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