13 thoughts on “The Courtship Brings Bridgerton to The Bachelorette

  1. I was going to watch this, but I think you’ve saved me from doing so. I haven’t watched a reality dating show in over a decade, so thank you for saving me from this monstrosity.

    1. Same! You’ve suffered so we don’t have to.
      I kept thinking “oh, they’ve just remade Regency House Party” but now seeing the photos, I know better!

  2. Thanks Kendra! This post made me cackle (fortunately, I’m not at work). I loathe reality shows, and dating shows in particular. The parents look awesome, though. :)

  3. Thank you for taking one for the team, enduring this…thing so we don’t have to.

  4. Not going to watch it, but mad props to the costume department for putting the men in knee britches with shoes and NOT BOOTS!

  5. So they shipped the entire bunch over to Yorkshire because they couldn’t create a faux Regency setting closer to home? Please all the Powers it won’t show on UK TV!

  6. I was literally squinting at the breeches pic before my eyes fell onto the caption and I barked out a laugh like a seal.

  7. Parents and friends being there seem prudent, but everything else is a mess. I was intrigued but I also don’t like the premise of these shows and haven’t watched them, although I’ve enjoyed the various SNL send-ups. I do love the hats – not at all period but fun. Also her parents look fantastic.

  8. Dad is really pulling off that faux Regency fashion… someone cast him in something!

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