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  1. Thank you for pulling this together. She looks so great in 30s fashions!

    I am wondering why the choice was made to refer to Lili with male pronouns in the caption for The Danish Girl?

    1. Because the character is still, at that moment “Einar” & hasn’t transitioned to to “Lili” yet. It’s literally a transitional moment in the film. So saying “she doesn’t recognize Einar Wegener because she’s dressed in women’s clothes in public for the first time and going by Lili” doesn’t actually explain what’s going on in the scene.

  2. I simply adored her character in Call the Midwife, and was blown away by her directing the film A Promising Young Woman. Now I have more of Emerald’s performance to watch thanks to this article!

    That golden gown in the second pic for The Home Front looks authentically vintage too. I think she has a great face and persona that really lends itself to a historical productions too.

  3. She also has a wonderfully enjoyable Instagram feed – whenever she dresses up for an award show or event she always adopts a persona to go with the outfit (“Embittered Former 70’s Soap Star,” or “Randy Young Widow on the Hunt “etc.)

    And yes, in the Crown. she actually elicited blips of sympathy from me for Camilla.

    (also, I never really connected her with Call the Midwife – that show is paradoxically a stealth cultural phenomenon. )

    1. Given what an unsympathetic figure Camilla is IRL (all things considered); that’s both a testament to both Peter Morgan as a writer and Emerald as an actor – it would have been far too easy to have Camilla as a straight forward Soap Opera villain. I can’t help thinking though if Morgan had really been willing to be different he would emphasised what Diana and Camilla had in common rather than their differences – maybe season 5 will cover this (fingers crossed).

      1. It’s a surprisingly deft portrayal of Camilla. Not sugar-coated at all, but not a villain either — just very different from Diana. I think many of the characters in The Crown come off as pretty nuanced & complicated (maybe more so than the real ppl, who knows!).

    2. I feel the same. She actually made Camilla seem somewhat human and just as much a pawn in Charles’ scheme to make his mother wish she’d let him get out of marrying Diana. This is my interpretation based off of the most recent season.

      1. It’s fiction. Just as much as any Phillipa Gregory – the names may be the same but the conversations didn’t actually happen.

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