11 thoughts on “TBT: The White Queen (2013), Ep. 6

    1. Jane Shore was actually another Elizabeth but apparently even contemporaries thought that was too confusing. Unusually for a royal mistress she was popular with the people. Maybe because she was a Burgess of London, a sort of local girl makes good. But she was also cheerful, good natured and didn’t meddle in politics or make extravagant demands on her lover. When Richard III forced Jane to do public penance popular sympathy was definitely with Jane.

    2. The actress does seem to be so very beautiful that she trembles on the very verge of the Uncanny Valley, it’s true!

  1. My complaints are with the goddamn lighting. Why so dark in almost every scene!

    1. like duh, it’s the Dark Ages, hon ;)

      Or more likely, they kept the lights turned low so we can’t see how shitty the costuming is.

  2. Margaret Beaufort had a good marriag with Henry Stafford. They spent most of their time together and celebrated their aniversaries with lavish feasts. Even her in laws liked her! But as a rch widow in tumultuous times Margaret needed the protection of a powerful husband. She and Stanley seem to have seen eye to eye from the beginning. As a widower with heirs he was fine with a sexless marriage of convenience and it was a very convenient and apparently friendly arrangement for them both.

  3. The Lancastrians pretty much accepted their defeat at Tewksbury and resigned themselves to Yorkist rule. Henry Tudor’s claim was good enough for Edward to view him as a threat but not good enough to appeal to Lancastrians tired of war. His mother’s sole goal was to get him back in England and his lands and titles back. It wasn’t until Richard usurped the throne that Henry became an appealing alternative for former Lancastrians and disaffected Yorkists.

    1. P.S. Margaret had actually made a deal with Edward IV to restore Henry’s titles and marry him to Elizabeth f York but Edward’s sudden death ended that. If the deal had gone through young Edward V might have had a strong and cunning brother in law to defend him against Richard. For that matter Richard might have felt less threatened if the Woodvilles had had Richmond to keep their influence in check.

      1. The question is whether Henry Tudor would have had more luck than Lord Rivers in surviving the schemes of Richard Gloucester …

        1. Richard may not have regarded Henry as an enemy. If he did….well remember who won in the original history.

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