7 thoughts on “WCW: Salma Hayek

  1. Of the ones I saw, I like Tale of Tales best. So visually striking.

    Didn’t see Frida, but I remember my mom felt the need to tease me in relation to the film. It amused her that the film won Best Makeup to recreate features she’s bothered me about for years.

    1. Ironically, the Oscar-winning makeup was actually toned down significantly before filming started.

      Originally, Frida’s mustache was included in addition to the “unibrow,” and Matthew Mungle was hired to create facial prosthetics that would’ve given Salma Hayek Frida’s exact nose and ear shape.

      Supposedly, they absolutely nailed the likeness, the prosthetics weren’t an issue for performance and stayed natural-looking on film, and Hayek was all for it.

      Alas, the “suits”– probably Harvey Weinstein– didn’t want to make Hayek “ugly” and insisted that the makeup team ditch everything except the eyebrows and hairstyle.

      I wish I could find a photo of the original makeup; I’ve looked, but haven’t found one.

      (BTW, I think Frida Kahlo is beautiful, and I also think “unibrows” look great on a lot of people.)

  2. Eat a dragon’s heart and beget a sinister albino, eh?

    Still beats the Targaryen method for acquiring a new generation of Dangerous Inbreds.

  3. I love all her work. For me, especially anything she did with Robert Rodriguez. I got to meet him at Antones in Austin, Texas. It was a fun event. And I attended the Austin, Tx premiere of Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

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