4 thoughts on “TBT: That Night in Varennes (1982)

  1. I have a notion I may have bumped into this decades ago on British TV. Does it have the madam telling de la Bretonne, who’s just passing in the street, that he really ought to come on up to bang her new girl because she’s wearing shoes with pink heels? And he finds this irresistibly tempting?

    If so, that’s literally all I can remember about it.

    1. I love this movie. It’s very talkative, but the dialogs are brilliant, and the end quite moving.
      I understand that some (especially non french ) can find it boring.

      The reason of the brothel sequence is that Restif de la Bretonne was a successful author of erotic and libertine novels (with famous erotic illustrations).

  2. Great movie indeed, highly underrated compared to its original narrative and point of view (partially based on Restif de la Bretonne’s chronicle “Les nuits de Paris” and this https://books.google.com/books/about/My_Revolution.html?id=MP5cAAAAMAAJ).
    When the movie premiered, the French minister Jack Lang, if I remember right, said that’s “no need to think about a movie for the French Revolution’s bicentennial, it’s already done”.

  3. I didn’t finished to look the movie because the dialogs etc. are somehow too long. The costumes of Casanova are really bad. I think that he just has to have a strange look = old fashion + straw hat (maybe because it’s never raining in Italy??? ;-) ). I liked the performance and role of Harvey Keitel. Perhaps I know (or even own) to many fashion prints from the period. The idea to have the plot mostly focussed on voyagers on a “deligence” is just great. I would try to look the movie again if it would make it into the cinema although I’m not a huge fan of the movie (I prefer “Lady J” for example with a clearer picture of the period).

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