7 thoughts on “WCW: Julie Walters

  1. Julie Walters plays the owner of the boarding house that Saoirse Ronan lives in, not her mother in BROOKLYN>

  2. There was only so much I could take of Indian Summers, so I didn’t watch all episodes. That said, Julie Walters was EXCELLENT in her role! She’s usually excellent in everything, though. I saw both Becoming Jane and Mary Poppins Returns and had completely forgotten that she was in those movies. She’s the second actor that you have featured recently in which I had completely that they had played roles in certain Frock Flicks. (I think the other one was Michael Gambon.) In both their cases, I would put that down to their overall excellence as performers that they completely blended in with the overall story. Great WCW choice!

  3. In The Hollow Crown, she has just married Pistol, which explains the flowers. She’s one of those excellent character actresses who light up so many productions with her acting ability.

  4. My absolute favorite Julie walters is not really a frock flick, but Finding Rita. It’s one of my top ten 

  5. I must admit that my personal favourite is MAMMA MIA – and I remain deeply, deeply amused that the younger version of Dame Julie Walter’s character is played by ‘Meg’ from DEAD PIXELS (A show about nerds whose enthusiasm for online gaming terrorises … well, just about everyone).

     That being said, Dame Julie is a treasure and well worth watching in just about everything.

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