16 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All October

  1. I hope, that come Halloween night, I will have some fabulous plans. Alas, all I plan to do now is to finish watching The Bat, starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead. I started watching it on the Kanopy platform a few weeks ago, but I was very and had to turn in early for a meeting the following day. Ultimately, I decided that was for the best; I determined to finish it in October. So, that’s my only plan, which doesn’t sound too exciting but, you know…Vincent Price (sigh). Oh, time permitting I might also try to continue watching the original Dark Shadows.

  2. Really enjoyed The Courtship (Ida regénye) on Amazon Prime. It is romance set in turn of 20th century Hungary and is based on a novel by Géza Gárdonyi. Worth watching for some light hearted fun.

  3. For me, no Halloween would be complete without a viewing of The Masque of the Red Death with Vincent Price. I got it on blu-ray last year; it looks amazing. :)

  4. I’m low-key annoyed that so many frock flicks are “streaming only” now. I want to OWN them on gorgeous BluRay and watch them whenever I want.

  5. Not sure what to watch this spooky season. Any and all spooky frock flick suggestions welcome.

    1. How about Crimson Peak? Or Sleepy Hollow? Hmm, I think I know what to watch tomorrow night… :)

    2. I’m not a big horror movie fan, but I like a good ghost story… a good one. I was trying to think of some. There’s always the original “The Haunting” but it’s not really a frock flick. Still Clair Bloom wears Mary Quant outfits.
      What’s that film that takes place in the 1940s with Nicole Kidman? “The Others”? It’s wonderfully creepy.
      “Ghost Story” has its ups and downs but also 1920s flashbacks. And who doesn’t love Alice Krige?
      There’re 2 films of “The Woman in Black”, one made for TV I believe and the big movie version has Daniel Radcliffe. Both are good.

      1. “The Haunting” is fab, with the chill arising, as I recall, from occasional shock cuts, but mostly from sound effects and characters’ reactions to those sounds. Elegant photography, too.

        I also recommend “Dead of Night,” especially the sequence with Michael Redgrave: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_of_Night

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