4 thoughts on “TBT: Out of Africa (1985)

  1. I love the Danish hunting scene at the beginning. And once she gets to Africa, the riding habit and of course the wedding gown. After the war, I enjoyed the ‘Practical Around the Farm’ looks and Dennis’ funeral suit.
    Well, I love them all.

    Out of Africa is one of my favourite frock flicks. And yes it has its flaws, glaring at times, regarding the Africans themselves.

  2. I was in college when the movie came out and remember being enraptured by all the khaki riding skirts and lace-collared white blouses that popped up in stores in its aftermath. Some years later I acquired the J Peterman reproduction of the wedding outfit (shown on the left in your top picture). Now I love her beaded black New Year’s evening dress, though the odd hat makes me think of a Bob Mackie thing Cher wore back in the day.

  3. Thanks for all the love! I adore this film, in spite of all the very problematic racial stuff and the way it deviates from Blixen’s preferred narrative.

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