22 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Woeful Woman Wednesday – Lesley-Anne Down

  1. You are missing a treat, you Amedicans, she was absolutely fabulous in the One and Only Phyllis Dixey (1978). Sadly it is one of those movies impossible to find.

  2. Ya know….

    You ladies really should do a piece about The Great Train Robbery. It’s peak Victorian, and shows a mix of all sorts social classes. Plus, it’s actually a pretty amusing movie.

    Having said all that, I kinda have a soft spot in my heart for Lesley Anne Down, for some reason. MY elder sister was suuuuuuuuuuper obsessed with North and South, and write fan letters to like the entire cast, and Ms. Down wrote a back (had had written and sent back) a very sweet response.

    1. It’s a good movie, although some of Lesley Ann’s costumes have a “I went shopping at Frederick’s of Hollywood in the 80s!” vibe

  3. Chloe actually is a classical name! There’s a Greek novel from the 2nd century AD called Daphnis and Chloe. Doesn’t help the costumes though.

    1. I was going to say this. :-) And it seems probable to me that there could be a Greek woman in Pompeii. Maybe as a slave? Or just through migration within the Roman Empire.

  4. Darn. Now I’ve got to look up Beastmaster III. NO WAY that was actually filmed in 1996. Who’s up for betting this is one that sat on the shelf for about 8 – 10 years before someone said, “Oh, heck, we might as well just release it!” ? [pun intended]

      1. Oooo… good point! Seeing more images, the guys have early 90s hair. Hmmm… Beastmaster 2 has a 1991 date, so maybe III was actually made in 93/94?

  5. My fav is Acetate & Polyester book III, hands down; Not the perm, but that orange dress! faints… Sad thing, it could be okay with just about any other fabric… Well, okay may not be the word, but sure better!

  6. Great Train Robbery because, IIRC, there’s a scene in which she shaves her legs with a straight razor.

  7. the really sad thing is actors have NO control over what the sadistic costumers and directors put them in. I know I’ve seen actors cringe with disgust while putting on their costumes, knowing it was baboon butt ugly and wrong. but the good ones still attempt to work with it, the great ones can make you over look the stupid they’re stuck wearing. ah, a directors “vision” is sometimes a very terrifying thing.

  8. AH things are starting to make sense now about N&S! I checked out wikipedia, learned that the future holds a lot of “vowing revenge” by Brunette and others, and that my vague memories are most likely from book 2 episode 2.

    Poor Lesley Ann. She does look good in the most recent one, and I bet she’s glad not to have crazy 80s hair.

  9. What is that pic at the top from? She totally looks like Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in that one!

  10. Hey! Why you missed “The princess and the swordsman”? That’s really Lesley-Anne Down in all her glory! ;-) And extra low budget stupid movie!

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