29 thoughts on “Poldark Season 2 Stream of Consciousness: Episodes 1 & 2

  1. I’m also confused as to why Ross is so estranged from Francis — can anyone remind me?

    Sure. Believing that Ross had arranged his sister Verity’s elopement to a sea captain who was also a former alcoholic, Francis had betrayed the names of the shareholders of Ross’ short-lived copper smelting business to rival George Warleggan. Also, Francis had discovered that Demelza was the one who had arranged Verity’s elopement.

    And I am SO confused as to why Francis is so bummed out.

    Because he eventually felt guilty for being responsible for Ross’ financial downfall.

    Is Elizabeth trying out for head cheerleader?

    I do not understand the joke.

      1. Is the guy in the top photo with the Robin Ellis caption the same as the older man in the madder red coat in a bunch of the pics with Caroline? Because they don’t look at all the same in these photos and the man in the madder red coat is absolutely Tom Barnaby – I mean John Nettles. But I haven’t seen any of Poldark season 2 so I don’t know if it’s just some horribly disfiguring lighting or something going on in the top photo.

        1. Oops, just saw this was answered below. Guess it pays to read the rest of the comments first!

  2. 1. Yes, that is Robin Ellis in the role of Dr Halse (John Nettles is playing Caroline’s Uncle) Dr Halse is a local magistrate.
    2. What IS with the makeup, especially the lipstick… UGH
    3. HORACE is a delight and that Doug the Pug video made me spit coffee.
    4. Noone in their right mind would work in a mine without a shirt, just like you wouldn’t scythe a field without a shirt (your skin would get very irritated by contact with the grain/grass), not to mention completely immodest. I understand the cheesecake factor but this shouts so wrong, like the lack of bobby pins and bright pink lipstick
    5. What’s with Caroline’s huge red poppy on the left lapel? In the UK a red poppy signifies Armistice Day (November 11th –WW1– so a little anachronistic). Perhaps it’s just an unfortunate choice of decoration?

    As regards PINK dresses, I’m re-reading the books and Elizabeth does seem to have some cerise and red dresses according to Mr Graham. Haven’t got to Caroline yet…

    1. Thanks for the correction. Didn’t recognize Ellis with the wig and thought it was just Nettles at a bad angle. Nettles is obviously Nettles in the other pix.

    2. I figured out midway through ep 2 that the red cockades were in support of Caroline’s possible fiance and his election bid! Tons of people were wearing them, as well as others wearing another color (blue?).

  3. I’m on the fence for the second season. Fashion wise, are they channeling the 1780s or 1790s Scarlet Pimpernel era fashions? I wish they’d pick a year and stick to it.
    Granted I’m Team Demelza, but has Elizabeth lost what brains she might have had? Confiding to George is a no no. I agree her curls are reminding me of Mia in Princess Diaries, but the look is too young for a married lady. Hair should be worn up or it is part of the Great Kirby Clip/Bobby Pin Loss?
    Please more Horace scenes. Not sure of how I feel about Caroline, but I adore Horace.

  4. Caroline is obviously a super-wealthy heiress because she can afford hairpins ALL THE TIME. We’ve got to week 6 in the UK, and I don’t think I’ve seen her with her hair down yet.

  5. Granted I’m Team Demelza, but has Elizabeth lost what brains she might have had? Confiding to George is a no no.

    I’m not aware that she knows that George was responsible for Ross’ arrest. And both Elizabeth and George have been friendly in the past.

  6. In case you didn’t know, the actress who plays Caroline was actually pregnant during filming. A lot of the camera angles and her costumes help to conceal her belly – as does Horace, which is why she is seen holding him and why he sits in her lap so much! (he is pampered and held in the book too, but is the perfect accessory to hide her tummy!).

  7. Does anyone else feel that Caroline is trying to dress like her ‘Fashion idol’ Georgina Duchess of Devonshire? Her red outfit and hat reminds me of the paintings of the Duchess and of course the movie costumes.

  8. I love this show, but I wish Demelza’s outfits weren’t so schlubby all the time. I get that they are trying to communicate that she is more earthier and less fashion-forward than Elizabeth, but everything that she wears just looks old and dirty to me. Even that outfit she wears in the courtroom…

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