16 thoughts on “Versailles: No Sex Please, We’re American

  1. The orange lady with the big hair is not Henriette, we still don’t know who she is:) She’s probably one of his future mistresses or simply a dream lady

    1. I always like to think of her as Marianne, the personification of France. “All these women are just mistresses, I am married to my country!”
      I don’t know xD

  2. Is the Pope from Argentina? Bleep yes. Btw can we in US get the unedited DVD European version?
    Historical note. After Charles I (Chuck I from now on) was beheaded Queen Henrietta Marie took Henriette to France where they lived. She, the Duchesse d’Orleans, may be forgiven for French accent.
    I really like how the series takes the presumed affair bet Henriette & Louis XIV and runs with it. Also that the creators haven’t pussycat footed around Philippe’s bisexuality.

  3. I watched The Borgias this summer (late, I know) and thought it was a lot more sex in that one than Versailles. And I watched the uncut version. :)

    I got in my head that the woman in the dream was a personification of Versailles, but I have absolutely no proofs for it.

  4. I saw some boobage in the sex on the couch scene, but that was all. Also sick of network heads treating us like children.
    The alleged affaire between Louis and Minette was news to me, I have never run across it in all my reading of the period. I tend to doubt it. On the other hand, she wasn’t exactly in a position to say ‘no’ if Louis was interested.
    As an aside, in some respects, I think the 3-part documentary on Versailles was slightly better done than the series. At the very least, the men had their hats on.

    1. Actually, it’s well-known that they had a love affair. Whether or not that affair became sexual is another story, but they definitely had a love affair. They even went to lengths to cover it up, and that’s how Louis de la Valliere became Louis’ mistress. She was initially supposed to ‘pretend’ to be his love interest, to distract attention away from the affair with Henriette. Of course, Louis actually ended up falling in love with her, eventually leaving poor Minette for Louise.

  5. I’ve been watching on demand and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the cut version based on what you’ve said here. I don’t know why the on demand version would be different than what airs on Ovation, but at least there’s that option.

  6. I’m more annoyed by the lack of accuracy than the lack of TNA. The real story is just as juicy – why make stuff up? Why not emphasize the 3 women vying for a place in the King’s bed – The Dew (la Valliere), The Torrent (Montespan), and The Calm (Maintenon) – nicknames from Mme. Sevigne’s letters.

  7. Yes. I’m annoyed. You guys should email ovation to voice your opinion. That’s the only way things can change.

  8. I’m not trying to start a flame war or trying to get banned and I swear I’m a pretty easy going person.

    But could we maybe not use the word “whore”? I get historical significance and I’m not trying to censor anyone. It’s just that it’s a loaded word and damn near every woman you meet has a story about at least one misogynist asshole that attempted to degrade her by calling her that.

    If you’re not down with “sex-worker”, “prostitute” would work fine.

  9. There has been a persistent rumour that Monsieur poisoned Minette out of jealousy; not because he had incestuous feelings toward his brother, but because of the attention she got. Poor Henriette Marie was by and large treated as “poor relation” of the family, which, in fact, she was, but she didn’t deserve the treatment she got.

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