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  1. Blackadder will always be my forever favorite (any of them really, though I have a special place in my heart for Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth) but I quite liked him in Maigret – nice that he had a chance to show off his non-comedic acting chops.

  2. Blackadder III because Prinny! I must say, however, that the costumes in II are amazing.

    1. Yes! Hugh Laurie at his upper-class twittiest. By the way, I’m in Hampshire, England, right now, and so far we’ve taken the grandkiddos to museums in Newbury and Winchester, where they’ve dressed up in nicely designed and sewn costumes, including small repro helmets and stuff. Most important, this gave me a chance to lecture them about the important of caps and other headgear and of girls wearing their hair UP! (The 9-year-old looked fetching in a linen cap with lappets.)

  3. Much as I enjoy a BLACKADDER, Margret is my favourite Rowan Atkinson character – possibly because I love a good mystery and because it’s intriguing to see Mr Atkinson so subtle.

  4. ah, Blackadder! So well done! and the final season (WWI) so very poignant. Hard to pick a favorite — what a cast of actors.

  5. Blackadder in all the series, but I, too need to track Maigret because I love mysteries and I’ve seen the other Maigrets which were excellent.

  6. Maigret! I am a huge fan of the Simenon novels that were the source material for the series and ho boy, Atkinson was spot on as commissaire Maigret.

  7. I have a weakness for Blackadder’s Christmas Carol—especially due to Miriam Margolyes’ Victoria.

  8. All the Blackadders combined are some finest comedy the BBC ever produced.
    And the ending to Blackadder Goes Forth is a punch in the gut.

    I love everything about Maigret except for two things: 1) there are only 4 episodes, and 2) the May-gray pronunciation they insist on using. It’s driving me mental.
    (I also hate the persistent “DarTAYnyan” pronunciation, but that’s another story)

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