15 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette (2022) Hair & Wigs, Part 2

  1. It looks like they also crimped the Duke de Chartres (the future Philippe-Egalite) hair. I also disliked Madame du Barry’s hair. I guess they were going for a, ‘she’s a mistress, she’s wild and free,’ hairstyle.

  2. Apparently the Duc de Chartres has also pioneered the 90s (but not the one from 200 years ago) crimper action. I feel like he just needs some plastic pink and purple dazzle beads and he’d be set!

    Am I wrong to assume this was also not a Thing?

    1. I’m still scratching wondering why if they could get it right with Polignac and Lamballe before she was mimicking the Leaning Tower of Pizza, why couldn’t they do it for the others.

      Also they made a movie about the Chevalier St Georges. Will you review?

  3. I wish one day that someone actually make the insane 1770´s hairstyle (like in Lamballe’s portrait here)…

  4. ….

    I was about to make a reasonably intelligent comment, but was distracted by all the pictures of pretty ladies – dear me, but this show benefits from the lovelies!

  5. Right, brain back in gear, haze of lust diminished – could Madame/the Duchess of Provence have been given greenish hair powder to hint at her rather toxic influence? (Or at the very least, to evoke the toxic nature of her marriage to Monsieur).

    Also, why is it that in a gallery of lovely ladies the one who sets my heart pitter-patting the one most likely to cut my heart out with a spoon? (Presumably because chasing Lamballe would be like a skunk confusing a cat for his lady-love, the Polignac would demand I share, I’m not rich enough for Du Barry and it’s genuinely possible I could take Monsieur in a fight).

    On a less serious note, I wonder why the future Charles X has been excised from the plot?

  6. The Chevalier de Saint-Georges is the 18th century version of Cat from Red Dwarf is what I’m getting from this.

    1. The actor playing him in Chevalier, said he modeled the character on Prince. Not sure how I feel about that.

  7. Whups my link was to a modern day recreation of the ship hairdo. The did have them though, to commemorate a maritime battle victory.

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