7 thoughts on “Woman Walks Ahead (2017)

  1. Well, I was on board with this until Jessica Chastain started bitching about her corset. It’s not like she’s never worn one before (Crimson Peak). Jeez.

    1. All the pictures I’ve ever seen of white women in the old west showed that they were wearing corsets. Not to wear one for women of that time would be like not wearing underwear today. They really didn’t overthink it- it’s what you wore when you got up in the morning.

      1. YES. It was like putting on a bra. 99% of modern American women wouldn’t leave the house without one; ditto in the past.

    2. Huh. I read it along the lines of “boob sweat ugh” rather than “corsets dumb”
      I mean, I wore a lift-and-separate bra in New Mexico in the summer and still felt grody. I refused to wear a sports or push-up bra in that weather, so she really had my sympathies…

  2. So, I watched this on Amazon Prime I think a few years ago – closer to when it came out – and I have to say I was disappointed. There were things I appreciated about the film (and to my eye the costumes were decent) but I felt like it came up short on characterization, despite having a good cast, and in particular for Sitting Bull. I also wish he’d been more the focus of the film (definitely some white savior tropes there). A lot of films try to do too much; here I felt there wasn’t enough there.

    On the back of that disappointment, however, I watched Wind River in part because it looked like it might have had a better approach, and was not disappointed. It’s a hard watch, as the film centers on a difficult topic, and it’s not a frock flick, but I thought it was excellent and it handled much better in my view the things I found frustrating in Woman Walks Ahead’s portrayal of Native characters.

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