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  1. I always have a soft spot for Richard Todd – I also like him in The Hasty Heart (good role for Ronald Reagan too!) and The Dam Busters. For costume roles, I’d pick The Sword and the Rose.

  2. That’s surprisingly good kit he was given as Raleigh. Not much detail, so for all I can tell the fabrics and fastenings may be terrible: but the general silhouette, the angle of the shoulder-wings and the way the ruff frames his chin, have flair and conviction.

  3. His first wife was my paternal grandmother’s cousin. They met as young actors in Dundee Rep just after WW2. My aunts were thrilled to bits when they came over to visit the family in Rothesay when filming ‘Rob Roy’ (and possibly ‘Robin Hood’) in Argyll.

  4. Loved the Robin Hood. BTW, the pic in the D-Day section is printed backwards; the regimental badge is supposed to be worn over the left eye.

    1. I actually own the DVD of Todd’s Robin Hood. Not bad at all, and both Patrick Barr (King RIchard) and Archie Duncan later appeared in the Richard Greene series. In fact Barr was playing Richard again, while Duncan became a great Little John.

  5. The Dam Busters! You missed out The Dam Busters. OK – it’s yet another war movie with still more men in uniform and half way interesting pics pics are likely hard to come by but it’s possibly the role he’s most famous for in the UK. Mind you that may well have had a lot to do with the fantastic theme music.

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