24 thoughts on “MCM: Mr. Willoughby

  1. Greg Wise, of course, but I love that Robin Ellis and Clive Francis were both in Sense & Sensibility as well as Poldark. I had no idea Robin Ellis played Edward Ferrars in this version with Joanna David. I must find a copy of this version. I thought that Dominic Cooper was almost too cretinous in the 2008 version.

  2. I don’t know about being jilted, but I want to sit next to the Willoughby from Lost in Austen just for the commentary!

  3. Willoughby has to appealing to the audience before we find out that he got Colonel Brandon’s ward pregnant and left her. Dominic Cooper is so obviously the villain from the get-go that it gives the game away. I think the music even goes to a minor key the first time he’s on screen. He might as well be twirling his mustache. But by that same token, the 1995 Willoughby is played SO sympathetically that it’s easy to forget that little detail about how he, oh yeah, got Colonel Brandon’s teenage ward pregnant and abandoned her. At least in the second BBC adaptation, we get the conversation between him and Elinor when she tells him, “You’re a pathetic turd
    and my sister is lost to you forever.”

  4. Greg Wise now that he’s gone silver-haired (have you seen him on “The Crown”? OH MY), I didn’t care much for him when he was young. ;)

  5. Wise! But then, I think this was the best adaptation too. I like Cooper, he’s great, but this wasn’t the best version. Also, I just watched The Buccaneers yesterday. I am sick so I marathon frock flicks like there’s no tomorrow. Last time it was all Austen, so I went with non-Austen this time. Wise has aged wonderfully. Mmmmm……

  6. Peter Woodward, 100%. Back in my early-2000s peak obsession days, I spent an obscene amount of money to get that version of Sense and Sensibility on vhs, just because he was in it. It weirded me out a bit to see him with hair.

  7. Greg Wise taught me what it meant to be a woman. In my head.

    I have never hated a fictional character more than when Nan ran away with him in The Buccaneers. Seethe…….

    1. OMG! I absolutely melted when they ran away together in The Buccaneers. So romantic that she finally found love.

  8. I’d rather be the jilter. Let him flirt and try to win me over before I brush him off with my “already married” status. Or throw tea in his face for what he did to young Eliza.

  9. Greg Wise, all-day, every day! Domnic Cooper is very, very sexy, but I don’t like his look in this role. Greg Wise was perfect as Willoughby, and as someone else said, he starred in the best version of Sense and Sensibility.

  10. Greg Wise definitely. Dominic Cooper looks like a snub-nosed, bug-eyed pug – not a good look for an iconic hottie!

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