4 thoughts on “MCM: John C. Reilly

  1. There was a TV show or film, made way back when he was a young man. I absolutely fell in love with his looks, he was just so different from the mainstream faces of the day.

    I cannot for the life of me remember the plot or any of the other actors/characters, except that he played a clown of some sort. Can anyone help me out?

  2. John C Reilly always a joy to see in any film! First a nit-pick, Bill the Butcher’s gang was the American Natives, and very ANTI-Irish!
    JCR was producer and star of 2018’s The Sisters Brothers, a western set in the 1850s.

  3. Chicago was fun, but Tale of Tales was a feast for the eyes. I also need to check out that Drunk History episode.

  4. Oh yes! Please do The Aviator! It’s chock full of Old Hollywood!

    Also, you get a pass on Skull Island because Reilly’s character was supposed to be a guy from WWII. You’re not missing anything by never watching that movie, unless you are really in to CGI monsters.

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