14 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All July

    1. I love rose in summer & my very fave is called Province from Peju Winery in Napa Valley. It’s only sold at or thru the winery itself, so I don’t have it often but omg it’s divine! In the meantime, I make due w/supermarket rose ;) Tho’ our classic Pink Drink is a Cosmopolitan, which I like to order at a fancy bar.

      1. If you like rose wine, you might want to check out Free Range Flower Winery. It’s a Black owned California winery which makes flower based wines. They have at least two different wines made from roses.

    2. Pink gin and tonic. By pink gin, I mean the Brit stuff (not something strawberry-flavored or whatever), which is fruitier but NOT sweet–have not been able to find it here. I bring a duty-free bottle home with me as a treat, and it packs a nice little wallop, especially with a dash of limoncello.

  1. My best pink drink has been discontinued, alas, though it might return in October, (breast cancer awareness month). I’ve been in an absolute 1930s swing lately, and then tried to think of some really stylish interwar-set movies, and found so many are much more focused on, say, the economic plights and looming fascism. Very necessary of course, but I’m yearning for a little more glamour and chatty liberated females and shoe montages to balance out the current…economic plights and looming fascism. Any favourites would be appreciated!!!

    1. The recent stuff in our 1930s tag is unfortunately heavy on the ‘economic plight & looming fascism’ I think. But maybe dig further back? https://frockflicks.com/tag/1930s/

      And, of course, actual made in/set in the ’30s flicks like anything with Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers dancing, while not frock flicks, are fabulous escapism!

      1. Speaking of Astaire and Rogers, I hope you’ll do their one frock flick “The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle”, set before and during World War I. Irene Castle advised on the costumes to recreate her own outfits.

        1. Is Hotel Portofino going on the Bad Movies and TV list? The costumes were all over the place! The hairstyles were also badly done!

  2. Do you ever think you’ll review Greta Gerwig’s version of Little Women? Personally I found it overrated and the costumes particularly bad. But maybe I’m too attached to the 1994 version to be objective.

        1. Hotel Portofino should go on the Bad TV Show list! The costumes were all over the place, the hairstyles weren’t much better!

  3. Has anyone on here seen the movie Angelica? I saw it a while ago after it got posted on the Janet McTeer WCW and while it’s definitely one of the crazier movies I’ve seen in some time, it really stuck out to me for having one of the best undressing scenes I’ve seen in a Victorian-era movie just on the level of how many undergarment layers they showed and the level of detail put into them, but I’ve never seen its costuming discussed online. The set design is also really impressive, they brought in Morris wallpaper and what looks like an antique bisque doll and all kinds of Victorian tchotchkes on a seemingly low budget.

    Sure, it’s an indie horror movie that had a weird release schedule and the plot is kind of bonkers, but I can’t be the only one that’s seen it and liked the design side of it, right?

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