11 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All December

  1. I have a costume love-hate relationship with The Gilded Age. Sometimes there are ensembles where I am like swoon I want to copy that right now! And sometimes there are ensembles where I am like “get that monstrosity off the screen, what the actual F? Why can’t they all be true to the period or all be crap?

    1. Same, although having poured over TONS of period fashion plates, I’ve seen plenty of absolute horrors in the 1880s-90s! Our modern tastes are just not accustomed to the insanity of late Victoriana ;) Watch for a Gilded Age post next week.

  2. Last letter from her lover on Netflix. Classical adultery story in the 60’s.
    Shailene Woodley’s character wears beautiful outfits, all included : hat, gloves, bag, jewels.

  3. So, what’s the opinion of the Mary&George trailer that’s dropped recently? I didn’t have high hopes given the book it’s based on is rubbish, but all I can say is that it’s very appropriate that it’s going to be on Starz. Costumes looked ok though.

    1. Oh–NOW I get it! A friend sent me the M&G trailer, which I stared at in some confusion, wondering if Starz had gone completely bonkers and cast Julianne Moore as Mary QoS (some resemblance there), come back from the dead to manipulate her son’s sex life. Still sounds tacky, though.

    2. I like what I can see of the costumes, & the story seems very in line with Starz other stuff (Serpent Queen, Spanish Princess) thus potentially ridiculous. We’ll be watching for it!

  4. Any Opinions on historical references in Disney’s Wish? Cool that the heroine is Afro-Latina! The clothes seem blandly Medieval/Renaissance to my eyes! A reference to Sleeping Beauty/Aurora, maybe? What did you guys think? I have 2 words for the costuming in The Little Mermaid remake: Weak Sauce! C’mon Colleen, We know you could’ve done better!

  5. Has anyone seen the new series “Archie” about Cary Grant? I think it’s on Britbox and stars Jason Isaacs in the titular role. :)

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