3 thoughts on “Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare (1986)

  1. I love this episode so much. Mr. Armstrong is my favorite — I think he has the best hat; he handles the iambic pentameter beautifully (as he should with a drama degree) and thus he is stuck with the exposition.

  2. I’ve never seen Moonlighting, but I’m impressed by the work that went into this! I always find “set in the past” episodes of tv shows interesting, because they really run the gamut effort-wise. Boy Meets World did a few, Charmed, and Leverage are what I can think of off the top of my head, but I know there were more.

  3. This was one of my favorite episodes! Too bad that Moonlighting jumped the shark once David and Maddie started sleeping together (see also Northern Exposure). :)

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