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  1. (For some reason, your posts are no longer showing up in my feed… so I can’t comment with my wp account since it won’t log me in remotely. Oh well.)

    I credit MDK for launching my obsession with Katharine of Aragon. Before her, I was all about Anne Boleyn, but she ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and was so elegant and amazing in The Tudors, I climbed aboard the RMS KoA and never got off. She was much too tall, way too dark-haired, and twenty years older than she should have been, but I still watch season one from time to time primarily for her! (I was so pissed that they downplayed her so much in season two; I MISSED her.)

    Beyond that, she was fantastic in Outlander.

      1. Maybe it’s just a day late in showing up on my feed, because it’s here now and I can respond to it.

        You got hacked?! I’m sorry, that’s awful!

  2. I’m reasonably sure the lovely MDK is a good 25-33% of the reason I have never, ever been able to think of Anne Boleyn as ‘Queen Anne’ (Despite my equally-abiding crush on Ms. Natalie Dormer).

    If they had persuaded Ms. Kennedy to wear her hair red, I might have done something REALLY desperate, like restart the Wars of Religion or assassinate Mr Jonathan Rhys-Meyers …

  3. MDK herself might have made a good Anne Boleyn. (And I am still rooting for Rooney Mara as Anne.)

  4. She was great as Katherine of Aragon. She played the part well as a woman who believed herself to be the true and rightful queen to the end of her life. This isn’t really on-topic, but I have to wonder who Mary favored–since paintings of Katherine don’t resemble Mary in any way, and neither does Henry VIII.

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