6 thoughts on “Stan & Ollie (2018)

  1. Wasn’t this supposed to be late 1953-early 1954? (That’s when the actual tour was, and Hardy– whose illness stopped the tour– died in 1957.) The women’s costumes are definitely good for early ’50s, and Reilly and Coogan really nail the characters.

  2. It’s a little charmer, this film. Impressive when the actors can inhabit star performers with such accuracy. (And that self-appliqued blouse of Arianda’s! It has to be a find from a vintage boutique.)

  3. A Smithsonian exhibition I worked on took me to the Warner Bros. costume department, where I saw that EXACT Errol Flynn as Robin Hood Jerkin. Alas, the custom of the day was to rent out such costumes for locals’ fancy dress, so it wasn’t in the best of shape. Also no pictures allowed. Alas.

  4. This was a “watch for the casting choices” show for me. I really did enjoy this film too. Great choice for review!

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