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  1. Just rewatched French Kiss this weekend and remembered how much I love Kevin Kline – so many fun performances here, even some when the movie itself was lackluster (Wild Wild West – I loved him in it). Need to rewatch Chaplin!

  2. Wild Wild West deserved so much more effort than it got – nevertheless, I did love him as Artemus Gordon. And his Bottom is an absolute heartbreaker – the pathos he brings out of the character is something I’d never seen before, and it’s LOVELY.

  3. Pirates of Penzance. Rex Smith was supposed to be the teen heart throb, but we all loved Kevin.

  4. He played Belle’s father in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast.” That’s fairly frock flicky.
    I read once that he was supposed to play Peter Pan in “Hook,” but was stuck doing reshoots for “Soapdish” so Robin Williams took over.

  5. He is such a talent!

    Not a FF but if you love his comedy you must check out “I Love You To Death” with Tracy Ullman. Hillarious film!

  6. Even in ‘meh’ movies, he’s excellent and often the best part of the show, (like Wild, Wild West). Love his Shakespeare roles and in A Fish…

  7. I saw him in Joseph Papp’s Pirates of Penzance and the film truly didn’t do the casts brilliance justice. it was incredible. he’s phenomenal in EVERYTHING he does. even the horrific Wild Wild West.

  8. He is always brilliant. Of the choices here, my fave role is as Garry Essendine in Present Laughter. But I also loved him as Cyrano. He was truly creepy in The Last Days of Errol Flynn (and that was in keeping with the nature of the story and the casting).

  9. He’s the best Pirate King–so physical and holding those notes for an impossibly long time, while being utterly hilarious. And his Nick Bottom, as the dreamy boulevardier–so poignant and sweet!

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