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    1. I was introduced to Coupling in the early 2000s, right around when it wrapped up its run. It’s still one of my absolute favorite shows, and is quoted in my house frequently.

      True story—I haven’t seen a Pirates movie since the third one, pretty much just because he’s not in them. XD

      You guys missed Why Women Kill. The 80s wasn’t that long ago, but still historical (although far from the best in costuming accuracy).

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean was where I first discovered him. A dashing gentleman with a very nice voice. I’ve never considered Norrington a semi-baddie, more like a conflicted antagonist to the pirate main characters. A lot of his best scenes ended up cut (they’re on youtube in case you want to look). There’s a post floating around that says Norrington’s only crime was being a Jane Austen hero in a Disney movie based on a theme park ride.

    1. Ugh, Norrington was why I kept going back to Pirates of the Caribbean. I was just so into him as a young teen and his role in the story is definitely why the second one is my favorite despite its flaws {not to mention that I’m also just really into his scruffy ex-Commodore look}.

      I’ve never seen that post about him being an Austen hero in the silly theme park ride based swashbuckler movie but that does describe him perfectly, and also explains some things to me about my tastes in Austen’s men.

  2. I remember seeing “Breathless” on PBS’ Masterpiece. Not impressed! He played a very morally compromised doctor who displayed all the arrogance that was so much a part of high-status doctors in that day. True, he was providing abortions and helping women in that way but he was also a cheating husband.

  3. Yes, Jack Davenport is handsome. I’d categorize him as traditionally handsome. My favorite character of his is from Pirates of the Caribbean. In the most recent MCM and WCW posts I’ve said something like, “Oh this person should play the sibling of …” And I will continue that trend in this post, I think he and James Purefoy (my boyfriend) should play brothers. I must be starved for NEW content–Frock Flicks or otherwise–in desiring all these pairings.

    Anyway, I learned of a project he made fairly recently (for British TV maybe?) in which he’s part of a contemporary interracial marriage with an Indian woman. It looked pretty interesting and I’d like to see that–if we can find here in the states. In addition to being good looking, I think he’s a good actor. Good MCM choice!

    1. That sounds like 2018 ‘Next of Kin’ a 6 part TV series made for ITV (British TV Broadcast Company). Where he’s half of an interracial couple. But it’s not a “Frock Flick” as it’s set in our times. ✌🏻

  4. He is SO good in The Talented Mr. Ripley, and his character is such a sweetheart (and, of course, very handsome). And, with no spoilers, he’s definitely a character who deserved better than he got.

    BTW, I think Talented Mr. Ripley could be worthy of a full review of its own. It’s an excellent movie with some great costumes.

  5. I know the 80’s are definitely not in your demesme, but I have to tell you how much I enjoyed watching him and Lucy Liu in “Why Women Kill.” Part of the series is set in the 1960’s though.

  6. He was also the caddish producer ( with bad, shaggy hair) in the ill-fated Smash on NBC which although not frock flick was rather trashy good fun.

  7. My husband and I have been going through the intellectual exercise of recasting “Clue” with modern actors, and I thought of Jack Davenport for the Tim Curry role based on his walking of the line between straight laced and unhinged in “Coupling” and “Pirates.” He is brilliantly hysterical in “Coupling.”

    1. I shall ever adore him for his rant against excessive home décor: “Throw pillows! What are they for? Pets for chairs!?!”

  8. How has no one else talked about The Moth? Despite featuring the typical Catherine Cookson melodrama elements, the sexual tension between Jack Davenport and Juliet Aubrey has them on the verge of blowing their tops for 2 and a half hours. Not the first thing I saw him in, but definitely my favorite, and one of my go-to guilty pleasures.

    I’ve rarely read anything funnier than Genevieve Valentine’s review: https://www.genevievevalentine.com/2011/12/the-catherine-cookson-experience-the-moth/

  9. If I had to pick the Quintessential British Male Face, this is the one I’d pick. Thin lips, straight and prominent nose, immaculate coif no matter the decade portrayed…yep, he’s it. He does period costume so well. But yeah, Coupling…laugh my arse off every time and he was SO well suited.

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