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  1. Gen X here, I’ve loved him since Shallow Grave. I think my favorite of his frock flicks have to be Emma and Down with Love. And thanks for reminding me I’ve never actually watched Big Fish!

    1. ‘Big Fish’ one a best Tim Burton movies in my personal opinion. Hope enjoy watching it, if you get the chance. I’m still waiting for an opportunity to watch ‘Christopher Robin’ (aka “Winnie-the-Pooh” film)

      1. Oh my goodness, ‘autocorrect’ did a job on my grammar and sentence construction😐 leaving complete words “out” (without me noticing it)…so sorry. Hope you still understand my comment 😅

    2. I had SUCH a hard time with him in Emma. I believe he even panned his own performance, or at least his participation, in it. Love most everything else about the movie (and I really loathe Paltrow but I thought she embodied the self-absorption of Emma very well), but Ewan…just UGH.

  2. Gen X but on the tail end: 1979. I didn’t see Trainspotting until my husband made me. I did love him in Moulin Rouge but first saw him in the tragic Star Wars I.

    1. As far as I was concerned Ewan and Liam Neeson made it all worthwhile. Also Queen Amidala’s wardrobe and her handmaiden’s

  3. I fell in love with Ewan in A Life Less Ordinary.

    I think that makes me a Xenial (or whatever the heck they’re calling us now)

  4. Gen X and another Shallow Graver. But then, I was an extra in that as part of it was filmed down the street. They scouted to use our building int he second trainspotting film, but the neighbours were against it. (Have also met him in the pub, he is of course charming and gorgeous)

  5. Moulin Rouge was big the year I was 17 and went to France on a school trip. It was big in France, too. But then I think that film’s at an advantage because my goodness, can that man sing.

  6. I forgot about Down With Love! I share your sentiments regarding Renee Zellweger, but I remember enjoying it. David Hyde Pierce stole the movie as the “Tony Randall” character. :)

    1. Yes!! 👍🏻David Hyde Pierce was made for that character that he portrayed in ‘Down with Love’. He fits in that time-periode so well👌🏻

  7. I haven’t seen the 1993 Scarlet & Black but did enjoy the 1954 Claude Autant-Lara version. I must say I find it an… interesting choice in the ’93 version to have the ghost of Napoléon egging on Julien Sorel.

  8. I watched “Last Days in the Desert” out of curiosity–because he plays both Jesus and Satan. It’s a weird movie but he’s very good in it.

    I need to watch some more of these. I only made it through the first episode of Halston–again, Ewan McGregor’s fantastic, but the show itself wasn’t working for me.

  9. Gen X here…but I HATED, HATED, HATED Trainspotting. That has as much to do with the disgusting movie as it does with the fact that I do not like stories related to drugs–cartels, addicts, the “system”–it’s just not my cup of tea when it comes to entertainment. Gotta go with Emma as my favorite. I love that version of Emma and Ewan was a perfect slimeball in it. Down with Love was OK, but to me it was one of those movies that didn’t really justify its existence to me. I was like, “Because Pillow Talk exists, I don’t know why this movie does….” Totally forgot that he was in Amelia, a good movie that deserves to be more widely seen. Other than that…like several others, I gotta give a shout out to Shallow Grave–not a Frock Flick–but very well done by Ewan and his co-stars! Also, he doesn’t really make me drool or anything, but I’m LOVING that look in Jack the Giant Slayer!! Fans self!!

  10. What are you if you fell in love with Ewan as Obi-Wan Kenobi? A nerd?
    All I can say is more! Give me more!

    1. I was gonna say… General Kenobi all the way.

      That being said, seeing Moulin Rouge as a stage musical made me appreciate Ewan a LOT more.

  11. I’m a millennial and not at all into MacGregor as eye candy. I can respect the prolific career he’s had, but I’m more visually excited by Woman Crush Wednesday.

    1. I’m not a millennial or Gen X’er, (I’m 76), but I LOVE Ewan. I fell for him in Moulin Rouge. By the way, author left out his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi!

  12. Boomer here. Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Moulin Rouge. And the buddy road trips. Salmon Fishing in Yemen is good.

  13. A few days ago I watched a lovely 2014 Screen Actors Guild Foundation interview (on their YouTube channel) with Ewan McGregor.
    At 1:03:39 Ewan talks about starring in (1996) “Emma”. In which he himself said he was terrible!! 😄 As his heart wasn’t in it. Especially his whole, Frank Churchill, wig story is 👍🏻😂 .
    In stark contrast his hair in “Jack the Giant Slayer” is indeed 😍epic…it probably had its own trailor✌🏻😉.

    But I’m clearly Gen X : with Danny Boyle’s (1994) “Shallow Grave” and (1996) “Trainspotting” being the first movies where McGregor really caught my eye👌🏻. Loved him in “Serpent’s Kiss”: great cast (Richard E. Grant Peter Postlethwaite and Greta Scacchi), costumes by Consolata Boyle and good setting, in which he portrayed a Dutch🇳🇱 garden architect.

  14. Still Moulin Rouge!. I was a HS junior when it came out. My girlfriends saw it before I did and convinced me to come watch with them. We did our best to dress like the film’s courtesans (not easy in frigid Indiana weather with a limited budget) and saw it at the dinner & film theater. I had a ball.

  15. I didn’t know he was in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast! I just saw an exhibit of a bunch of Disney costumes and I have to say I was very disappointed in Belle’s iconic ballgown – they didn’t even embroider the decoration on the hem, it’s just painted on and the whole thing is very limp and deflated.

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