5 thoughts on “A Brief Look at Halston (2021)

  1. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m going to because of the pic of Rodriguez alone!

    1. Why? Name value, for one. “Ewan McGregor is HALSTON” sells better than “[Young Openly Gay Actor of Your Choice] is HALSTON.”

      Also, McGregor was born in March, 1971– so given the production times, he was 48 or 49 when he did this.

      Halston was born in 1932. Based on the Wikipedia synopsis of the first episode, he’s already 40 at the end of that one– and he only lived to 57.

      It’s not that bad if they’re using a 49-year-old actor in a role that is mostly aged 40-57– especially since the mental image most people have of Halston is when he was McGregor’s age.

      I’m looking forward to seeing this.

      1. Agree – McGregor was fine in all ways. I’ve watched the entire series and most is 70’s and 80’s to his death at 57 in 1990. McGregor was subtle and didn’t camp it up in any way. I’ve read gay male reviews who said they kept forgetting he’s not gay. The script really focuses on the excesses and his meanness to people, but I felt McGregor really was able to show the wounded and neurotic humanity underneath the facade.

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