9 thoughts on “MCM: Cillian Murphy

  1. You all need to review The Wind That Shakes the Barley — its such a good movie and more people need to watch it!

    But on to Cillian himself — fabulous actor that really is flies under the radar (how he likes it). His good looks, and to die for blue eyes, pales in comparison to his acting chops. Plus, he sounds smart and well composed in interviews — an all around yummy man. 💖

    1. It’s a brilliant movie! I keep starting a review for it, except there’s not much costume content to talk about. That’s why I decided to just do an MCM & mention it here :)

    1. He doesn’t die, the movie just has a very low word count in general so most characters either don’t have names or only have a surname.

  2. I love “The Wind That Shakes The Barley”! It’s one of my favorite movies, and Cillian is one of my favorite actors, so thanks a lot for this MCM!

    Dunkirk has a very quantitative, “social history” like narrative, hance the general lack of names. It’s by far the best WWII movie I’ve ever watched!

    Cillian was also in another excellent WWII movie called “Anthropoid”. He does seem to like war movies! I hope there will be many more period movies in his future!

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