11 thoughts on “MCM: Cary Elwes

  1. Westley is number one, but I have to admit that Guildford Dudley is the role that first turned me into an Elwes fangirl.

  2. I would have to say that Westley is my favorite with Guildford Dudley in second and Maj. Cabot Forbes in third – I also like him in some of the more contemporary movies he’s done – I just think he’s an easy actor to like and follow

  3. Team Wesley all the way, I fear. But I’ve always felt it unfair that he didn’t become a huge, huge star. He was so, so beautiful and so, so funny!

  4. Westley all the way. I am also partial to his part in Shadow of the Vampire, but that was the movie that we saw on the first date my husband and I went on. It is a weird film but I love it and we watch it sometimes for sentimental reasons.

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