5 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette: The Trial of a Queen (2018)

  1. Has anyone here ever seen an above-the-knee 18th-century chemise, from any part of Europe? I haven’t. That’s just a weird choice to make.

    The casting of Robespierre is just weird too – the actor doesn’t look anything like him and is a good twenty years or so older (MR was 35 at he time). And while the coat is indeed quite a nice period stripe it doesn’t fit at all, and instead of giving him a waistcoat in a contrasting stripe they just made the coat lapels out of a different striped material. Like the wig, it just looks like a cheap hired am-dram costume.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about this production. It definitely wasn’t on my radar. While in you’re in Paris, check out the Istitut du Monde Arabe, if you haven’t already. It is amazeballs!!!!! Also, you might (?) be able to find some Frock Flicks on TV5 Monde.

  3. If you are not an Amazon subscriber and would like to watch this series, I just found it on Tubi as well. I’m getting ready to watch it now.

  4. Hi Kendra, if you want your dose of lavish 18th century: you should go to Versailles visit the Dauphin’s appartments which have just reopened after years of restoration + visit as well the Hotel de la Marine on place de la concorde, which is absolutely (opened last year and not about ships!)

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