6 thoughts on “Maison Close (2010) Goes Dark

  1. The corset comments reminds me of Karolina Zebrowska’s video of an “actress” being interviewed about her period film.

    1. I loved that video! I wouldn’t mind it so much if the actress was just saying that it’s an adjustment learning how to have the right posture and that it affects the way you move, because it does! But the whining about it is so annoying lol

  2. I never heard of this one before, but I have Hulu, so I might check it out. Thanks for the heads up about this show! You’re right, the “bumblebee” dress is disorientating!

  3. I came across this series on dvd at the library years ago. I watched a couple of episodes, but didn’t finish the series. The story was interesting, but it was just too dark and misery filled for me.

  4. I will have to check my DVD shelves but I believe both seasons were, in fact, released on DVD in this country some years back.

  5. What about the hooped or corset like hoods that the girls wear over their heads with their coats when they go out? Vera I think is the first to wear it in a few scenes Are those period? Idk.

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