10 thoughts on “WCW: Tuppence Middleton

  1. That big poofy dress in Dickensian reminds me of Amy Adams’ costume in Enchanted. Not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. :)

      1. Did she play Sissi? Her wedding hairstyle in Dickensian reminds me of the Winterhalter portrait of the empress.

  2. I liked her Lucy in Downton Abbey Movie 1, but that and I was a Slut on the Pig War and Peace left me wanting to take a page of Thomas Sowden’s book on ‘Pigs and Deeling with the Abusive Father and Uncle’.

  3. Meh. I’m prejudiced because I didn’t want Lucy to end up with Tom. But whatever. She does the 40s pretty well (love that look for The Defeated); it’d be nice to see her in more noir-style flicks.

  4. Hummmm – I have never been enamoured by poor Tuppence. It is sort of that “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” thing when it comes to her casting. Her roles to date have mainly been fairly uninteresting or unremarkable. She has always struck me as being a tad flat, stiff and there really is a distinct lack of presence or spark in her work… although she does do petulant rather well. I suppose I just find her rather dull, which is a terrible thing to say of an actress, but ho-hum it’s an opinion. The picture of her at the dining table in War and Peace never fails to raise a shudder. Not only would that type of VERY low-fronted cut gown never have been worn in mid 19th Century Russia – or nearly anywhere else in Europe or America, corsets anyone??? – but it is never pleasant to see so much of some-one’s skeletal frame under a costume. Please, some one, for the love of God, feed her cake!!!

  5. I loved Iris’ Art Deco collar in The Lady Vanishes! I wish she got to wear more! I love the 30s!

  6. This post makes me realize that I’ve mostly seen her in contemporary films. I loved the non-Frock Flicks A Long Way Down and Fisherman’s Friends. Re her FrockFlicks, I thought she and Tom had good chemistry. And yes, I will definitely watch Downton Abbey: A New Era. I’m sooooooo psyched for more Downton Abbey!!!!

  7. “…too much sternum.” Hilarious. A pet peeve, these underfed, concave ladies with terrible posture. That ain’t pretty. Looking at you, Keira…
    Tuppence was excellent as Miss Havisham, haughty. conflicted, as well as vulnerable. Interesting invented backstory.

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