6 thoughts on “Julia (2022-) Is Back!

  1. I’ve been debating watching this! I think I’m going to have to add it to my watchlist because it looks so good

  2. Yes, I’m watching Julia and I love it. I’m also watching The French Chef on YouTube. And I’m also watching the Gilded Age. I’m Team Bertha-George there.

  3. Thank goodness; I binge-watched all of season one flying back from Britain last year: Sarah! That kitchen! Sarah! The script! The production values! Sarah! (Whom I had just seen in “Happy Valley” as Sgt. Catherine Cawood, a woman nobody should ever fuck with.)

    Now I get to brag that I once saw Julia in person at a popular local produce market, stalking around in an enormous purple blazer, and talking to an interviewer about the pile of greens in her big hands.

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