6 thoughts on “WCW: Isabella Rossellini

  1. Thanks for this post! Love, love, love Isabella Rossellini, and I’m so happy you included “Death Becomes Her”. (“NOW a warning?!?!?”)

    I also love that she’s worked with three of the most “out there” directors– David Lynch (and she was actually involved with him for a while), Guy Maddin, and Peter Greenaway.

  2. I love them all, but my favourite is Immortal Beloved. She’s luminous in it. And imho she looks like her mother.

  3. I always thought it was an act of genius to cast her as Athena in the miniseries the Odyssey! I just love her so very, very much.

  4. I know this is old but I do have to put in my favorite Isabella roles. One of them is period and is listed here. Athena in the miniseries the Odyssey. I think of her whenever I imagine Athena.

    The other two roles aren’t period at all but I do love David Lynch so I have to mention: Dorothy Valens in Blue Velvet a stirring, complex, and emotional portrayal and Perdita Durango in Wild at Heart, a woman not wholly what she seems to be.

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