14 thoughts on “Nellie Bly Still Doesn’t Get the Movie She Deserves

  1. I’m beginning to wonder whether Christina Ricci is no longer capable of landing decent acting jobs.

  2. I can’t even! Judith Light looks like she’s wearing old biddy cosplay and in period Nellie would be in an asylum for the hair alone!

  3. I was so excited when I saw that there was going to be another movie about her and it was SUCH a disappointment. Even just as a Victorian thriller it wasn’t very good, and as a historical fiction piece it’s like it actively tried to take away everything interesting and impressive about the real Nellie Bly.

  4. smh When I was a working journalist, Nellie Bly, Ida B. Wells, and Ida Tarbell were my heroes. Any of them would be fascinating material for a film and it’s a shame to see Bly treated this way.

    1. The fact that they completely flipped Nellie Bly’s story from a woman who knowingly underwent horrible things to discover the truth of other people’s suffering into a woman who just has things happen to her was so frustrating. Nellie Bly is impressive because she knew she was going to suffer and she did it anyway to help people!

  5. SO DISAPPOINTED. Seriously, does Hollywood hate female autonomy so much that they have to turn Nellie Bly into an amnesiac waif rescued by a man?!

    UPDATE: Yes. Yes they do.

  6. That’s what happens when they give the costume department 15 days to pull it all together. At least they all made money for Christmas.

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