4 thoughts on “Gentleman Jack Costume Design Sketches From Tom Pye

  1. Thank you and Mr Pye fir including theses costume sketches. I now will be able to see the creations and compare them to their sketches.

    I have always enjoyed seeing these types of sketches and comparing them to the actual garment seen on screen. They, the sketches, show the designers’ thought processes for each piece of clothing and what hints are given about the character they’re for.

    One of the things I love about OutlanderCostume on Twitter is her inclusion of costume sketches and their steps in transforming sketch to actual garment with their embellishments and sometimes Ms Dresbach even includes pics of her research clothing.

      1. So am I.

        And I can hardly wait for you to review Happy Prince more thoroughly.

        Also the Dame Helen Catherine the Great.

        Have a nice Easter. Hope the Bunny brings you tons of Lalique, Worth, Callot Soeurs, Doucet gowns, and lots of MoS and Marie Antoinette.

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